Let’s get it started

Hello, visitors!

My name is Jerica Pitts and welcome to my blog!

I have always loved to write. In elementary school I would quickly finish my in-class work and then take the extra time to research types of animals. From there I would write stories and present them to my class. I didn’t understand why my fellow classmates didn’t love to write as much as I did. Growing up with an overachieving older sister may have had something to do with my passion for writing and researching.

A decade later, I am still researching, planning, and writing. I consider myself a lucky breed of student. I can combine most all of my interests to create my dream career. Where else can I take fundraising, event planning, the health field and writing and have a single career?

I believe my calling to be making a difference in an individual’s life. I chose the name of this blog, PRactically PReoccupied, to represent my daily task in life: continuously absorbed in a new way to make a difference.

This blog is indeed an assignment for my Journalism 452: Strategic Public Relations Communications. I’m excited for the opportunity to make use of my time and blogging abilities. My goal for this account is to educate visitors on the better use of public relations and hopefully change at least one’s idea of us so-called “spin doctors.”

Please visit my comment policy page and my “A bit about Jerica” page. Thank you for stopping on by.

You learn something every day if you pay attention. –Ray LeBlond


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